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Should Sex Education Be Incorporated Into Public Schools

For Sex Education in Public Schools An observation of the prevalent television programs and popular topics broadcasted in the media often depict teenagers with an air of promiscuity. Is teenage pregnancy really an uncontrolled epidemic, as depicted in shows such as â€Å"16 and Pregnant†? Are a vast majority of teenagers exchanging racy photos of their bodies with each other? If so, are teenagers acting out because of too much sex education? Or is the outbreak of hyper-sexualized activity linked to lack of formal knowledge regarding sex? These are valid questions when contemplating the teaching of sex in public high schools across the United States. Sex education should be incorporated into the public school’s curriculum because it would dismiss the myths that continue to circulate, may address the embarrassing questions thought of by many, and holds the teen more responsible for their choices. While teenagers globally encounter the discovery of sexuality, the matter of sex education is most necessary in the United States. With sex used as a tool to sell and oftentimes depicted unrealistically in television, teenagers have a skewed view of the reality. Furthermore, the United States has the highest birth rate and one of the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections amongst the developed countries. Sex education is necessary, however whether it be comprehensive or abstinence- only education is debatable. Abstinence only education teaches to delay sex until marriage toShow MoreRelatedShould Sex Education Be Taught?947 Words   |  4 Pagessociety is whether or not kids should receive sex education in public schools. With rates of teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases on the rise, it is essential that school aged adolescents receive appropriate sex education courses. Though many parents across the nation believe that it is crucial to curriculum , how much they should be taught and what exactly should be taught is up for dispute. Articles such as â€Å"Abstinence and Abstinence-only Education: A Review of U.S. policiesRead MoreAbstinence Only Programs For Public Schools1383 Words   |  6 PagesAccording to, â€Å"abstinence only education teaches students to abstain from sex prior to marriage.† These program has been proven to be ineffective. Abstinence only education is ineffective because it is not conducive in reducing teen pregnancy rates and sexually transmitted diseases rates. Abstinence only programs are less likely to teach students about birth control and contraception and how to access it. These programs has not been shown to reduce teen sexual activity. AbstinenceRead MoreSingle Sex Classes Should Not Be Incorporated Into Schools Essay1523 Words   |  7 PagesSingle-sex education consists of separating male and female students and teaching them in different schools or classes. Although controversial and often looked as antiquated, more Americans have been considering single-sex schools as a viable option since the early 2000’s. The reason? With various problems public school education faces, many parents have been looking at single-sex education as a potential solution to some of those problems. In addition, with the very convincing gender rhetoric thoseRead MoreEarly American Education and Early Education Laws1179 Words   |  5 PagesLincoln EARLY AMERICAN EDUCATION Harvard Started by the Congregationalist, Harvard was founded as a school that trained men for the ministry of being a pastor (Barton, (2004)). Its philosophy was â€Å"Christ and the church and to the glory of God† (Barton, (2004)). This school produced great men such as Cushing, Pickering and many more that would lay a Godly foundation for education (Barton, (2004)). Yale Started by the Congregationalist, this too was founded as a school to train men for the ministryRead MoreSexual education programmes within school based learning have long been cause for controversy,1600 Words   |  7 PagesSexual education programmes within school based learning have long been cause for controversy, particularly in reference to which approach should be taken, what topics should be raised and at what age children should be begin to learn about sexual development and sexuality. Previously, sex education has focused on the biological development of humans however in recent years programs have shifted towards integration of sexuality and sexual health promotion in response to sexual development withinRead More Benefits of Sexual Education Essay1258 Words   |  6 PagesBenefits of Sexual Education We live in a time of heightened sexual activity. The United States has suffered a great increase in sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy. One out of every ten teenage girls in the United States between the ages of 15-19 become pregnant. As a result, five of every six pregnancies are unintended. Ninety-two percent of all these â€Å"unintended† pregnancies are conceived premaritally. There is such a high rate of teenage pregnancy because of two mainRead MoreThe Uc Davis Student Health And Counseling Services990 Words   |  4 Pagesit can be easily reasoned that health should be considered a basic human right. Difficulty accessing healthy food based off of geographic location, denied access to healthcare treatments based off of individuals economic capacity, and denied access to health care based off of where a person is born should not happen. Health does not consist of one concept but rather a combination of comprehensive subjects that form the cycle of everyday life. Health education provides its population with the necessaryRead MoreHow Does Same Sex Marriage Affects in Decreasing Population Growth1436 Words   |  6 Pageshaving same sex marriage CANNOT produce a child) What is SAME SEX MARRIAGE? -------------- Decrease of population growth caused by SAME SEX MARRIAGE Extending the benefits and status of â€Å"marriage† to couples who are intrinsically incapable of natural procreation (two men or two women) would dramatically change the social meaning of the institution. It would become impossible to argue that â€Å"marriage† is about encouraging the formation of life-long, potentially procreative (opposite-sex) relationshipsRead MoreBenefits Of A Uniformed School Day1550 Words   |  7 PagesA Uniformed School Day Uniforms have been a key element in promoting a successful, safe and unified establishment. Those successful establishments could possibly include a private high school, a sporting team, or even a business. Typically, private schools enforce the policy that a uniform most be worn by all enrolled students. But why hasn’t the majority of traditional public schools, developed uniform policies? Benefits of uniforms within schools may include, students feeling more professionalRead MoreThe noun feminism is derived from the French in the 19th century . It refers to the campaign at700 Words   |  3 Pagescultural differences . As a result , various schools of Feminism theory has emerged . Flow Feminism does have differences in terms of historical , analytical methods and approaches. According to Gu Yanling , in general , the focus of feminism is to tell injustice between men and women seek a solution and provide information to build a society that is fair and equitable in cultu re. Liberal Theory of Feminism is a starting point to other theoretical schools of feminism . This theory is also a focus on

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Othello - Theme - Lack of Self-Awareness Essay - 1194 Words

Theme – Lack of Self-Awareness Definition of the theme and its development through the play: * In Othello, characters not only deceive others, but deceive themselves. They lack self-awareness in that they fail to see or acknowledge their own flaws and weaknesses, and they never see themselves as completely as others perceive them. The truth is likely to destroy either their contentment or their perceptions of themselves * This theme is mainly developed through the major characters of the play. They all employ this unconscious, protective self-delusion strategy that makes life possible. Through their susceptibility to Iago’s plotting, and the unfolding of their characters, their lack of self-awareness is demonstrated†¦show more content†¦Othello’s nobility and Cassio’s competencies a threat to his self-esteem – thus he must destroy it DESDEMONA: * Her romanticism and naivety are weaknesses that she is innocently unaware of. She is the victim of idealistic delusions about Othello * She cannot believe that he is capable of jealousy. She cannot allow herself to think that the romantic hero she married is far from perfect Othello is made of â€Å"no such baseness / As jealous creatures are.† She cannot conceive possibility â€Å"that there be women do abuse their husbands / In such gross kind.† She cannot bring herself to utter the word ‘whore’. She tried to believe that reasons, other than jealousy, account for his strange behaviour towards her – matters of state, or ‘some charm’. She is lying to herself. * Rather than come to terms to a less than perfect Othello, Desdemona takes refuge in denial and in desperate rationalisations of his increasingly violent behaviour * Her lack of self-awareness and her reluctance to face the facts causes her to believe that she is a victim of fate, and thus she becomes increasingly withdrawn and passive in the face of Othello’s escalating wrath. She contributed to her own demise by her romantic delusions BRABANTIO: * Refuses to accept a reality that he is uncomfortable with. Does not realise that he has racial and prejudiced beliefs Refuses to acknowledge that his daughter loves Othello and clings onto the belief that witchcraft has beenShow MoreRelatedTheme Of Manipulation In Othello1210 Words   |  5 Pages The play, Othello, written by William Shakespeare is full of betrayal, death, and manipulation. It is a tragic play which follows the theme Shakespeare carries throughout most of his plays. Othello is a play about love and death and everything in between. Eric Iliff summarizes, â€Å"Othello is essentially a play about human nature and its ability to turn against itself, and a man whose inability to obtain self-awareness drives him towards an evil act that destroys not only his earthly salvation, butRead MoreEvil And Dark Desires Of The Subconscious1273 Words   |  6 PagesIn the play Othello by William Shakespeare, the audience encounters characters that are manifestations of evil and dark desires of the subconscious. This theme is portrayed through the characters of Iago and Othello. From the start, Iago’s malicious intents are clear. Because of his feelings of incompetence, particularly to Othello, he succumbs to very human emotions like jealousy. However, his proceeding actions seem to lack awareness and thought for others. Iago manipulates Othello until he tooRead MoreThe Significance of Power in William Shakespeares Othello, Gwen Harwood’s â€Å"In the Park†, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close1389 Words   |  6 PagesTexts explore many aspects of power or lack of power including the potential of the individual or groups to use this power to enrich or challenge other people communities or ideologies to what extent is this true of Othello. Power and lack of power have the ability to enrich, even challenge other peoples communities and beliefs. Shakespeare’s Othello is one example of a text that expresses the potency of Power and its abilities to enrich and/or Challenge. Power can be illustrated within a text through:Read MoreWhat is the importance of setting and geography in William Shakespeares Othello?1685 Words   |  7 PagesThemes such as jealousy, deception and passion interwoven through the text of Othello make the story riveting. But before we can understand why events take place and characters motivations it is important to analyse the geographical arena in which the story of Othello and the moral struggles of the characters are brought to life. By including real locations, which Elizabethans would have herd of, the play appears to be more realistic. Othello is reasonably geographically accurate and this helpsRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare, Regarded As The Foremost Dramatist1144 Words   |  5 Pagesfat e of human beings in the world. It paints a black and horrid picture but it also implies the ideals of Renaissance humanism. Although imperfect, the embodiment of the characters has tremendous self awareness, freedom and, self-expression. Much like pervasive themes endemic to the Renaissance, the theme of the play revolves around the destruction of one’s humanity due to its insatiable appetite for prosperity. It shows the progression of corruption brought about by one’s rampant ambition. Shakespeare’sRead MoreColeridges View on Iagos Soliloquies Essay1965 Words   |  8 PagesColeridges View on Iagos Soliloquies The phrase the motive-hunting of a motiveless malignity occurs in a note that Coleridge wrote concerning the end of Act 1 Scene 3 of Othello in which Iago takes leave of Roderigo saying, Go to, farewell. Put money enough in your purse, and then delivers the soliloquy beginning Thus do I ever make my fool my purse. When evaluating Coleridges view, it is important to put the word motive into context. We use it to mean anRead MoreEssay on Lessons in King Lear by William Shakespeare3489 Words   |  14 Pagesreward his false-flattering daughters with the gift of his kingdom (170). Lear’s gift to Goneril and Regan, whose quick deception shows the falseness of their affections toward their father, proves that Lear is unable to see the love, or lack thereof, that others have for him. Likewise, when he becomes enraged at Cordelia after she refuses to flatter him, Lear reveals that he, like Goneril and Regan, is unable to have altruistic love for another person when he says to Cordelia that itRead MoreIs King Lear Nihilistic or Hopeful?3440 Words   |  14 Pagesto reward his false-flattering daughters with the gift of his kingdom (170).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Lear’s gift to Goneril and Regan, whose quick deception shows the falseness of their affections toward their father, proves that Lear is unable to see the love, or lack thereof, that others have for him.  Ã‚  Likewise, when he becomes enraged at Cordelia after she refuses to flatter him, Lear reveals that he, like Goneril and Regan, is unable to have altruistic love for another person when he says to Cordelia that itRead MoreDuchess Of Malf Open Learn10864 Words   |  44 PagesConclusion 24 References 24 Further reading 25 Next steps 25 Acknowledgements 26 Figures 26 Don’t miss out 26 Introduction This unit, on the first two acts of John Webster’s Renaissance tragedy The Duchess of Malfi, focuses on the representation of the theme of love and marriage in the Malfi court, and the social conflicts to which it gives rise. The unit guides you through the first part of the play and will help you to develop your skills of textual analysis. This unit focuses mainly on Acts 1 and 2Read MoreWilliam Shakespeare and Macbeth8813 Words   |  36 PagesSome of these ideas of good kingship are listed by  Malcolm  as the king-becoming graces in Act IV, Scene 3 of  Macbeth: Justice, Verity, Temprance, Stableness, Bounty, Perseverance, Mercy, Lowliness, Devotion, Patience, Courage, Fortitude. Macbeth lacks all these kingly virtues, but his greatest vice is his impulse to lie — even to his own conscience — in his pursuit of power. The Audience Like all tragic heroes before him, Macbeths greatest lie is to himself. He becomes blinded to his own ambition

Should the Driving Age Be Raised Free Essays

Do you think the teen driving age should be raised? Most of society thinks that it should. There have been tons of evidence to encourage that the driving age should be raised. In 2008, 2,739 teen drivers were killed and 228,000 were injured in an accident. We will write a custom essay sample on Should the Driving Age Be Raised? or any similar topic only for you Order Now Some reasons for this are because teens become more reckless with age. They also get distracted without much difficulty. How much do you know about teen driving laws? There are multiple laws out in the world to help teens drive safer. If you are a parent to a teen help them make the right choices and drive safe. A lot of teens become more reckless while driving as they get older. This is because the teens become over-confident in their driver abilities. Studies show that 75 percent of teens are confident in their driving skills. Also 71 percent of those teens use a phone while driving. Teens in the 12th grade have been involved in more than half of the crashed containing teens. Mike Sample, who is lead driver-safety consultant at Liberty Mutual, said â€Å"Older teens are still inexperienced drivers — even if they feel otherwise.† Most of the time teens get confident they can drive while texting because they have done it before and don’t see the harm in it. Teens also get distracted really easy. This is because they are still at the stage when their brain is still developing and their attention span is not that large. They get distracted by their phone, other passengers, things that are happening outside of the car, and when a teen is frustrated or have other strong emotions that can cause a teen to drive recklessly. Some precautions that you can take to help your teen drive safe are influencing them to turn off the notifications on their phone, not always driving with friends, and also driving with them. As a parent you should talk to your teen about safe driving. There have been numerous teenage driving laws that have been placed to help teens drive safer. It all comes down to the fact if they want to follow it and if it is enforced. One law that has been placed are that teens must meet certain requirements before they can get a license. There is also another one that is very helpful and that is teens can not drive with other teenagers. These laws became in effect around the 1990’s but have also attributed to 30 percent decrease in highway crashes. Parents all around the U.S. should introduce their kids to these laws and help compel their teens to follow them. Some people many not agree with the driving age being raised, some think it is a fantastic idea because teenagers have overall the highest crash rate. â€Å"The most dangerous two years of your life are between the ages 16 and 17, and the reason for that is driving,† said Nicole Morris. As there have been some improvements there has also been some downfall. Such as teens that do not want to follow the new 16-17 driving laws wait until they are 18 so they don’t have to go through all of the training and safety lessons. You should always enforce driving laws to protect teen lives. Do you think the road is safe with teens driving without any regard for their safety or others safety? How to cite Should the Driving Age Be Raised?, Papers

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The sale of Human Organs

The high rise in technology has necessitated the transplants of organs such as the kidneys. The 21st century has been noted to experience increased instances of organ transplants. Increased rate of organs transplants has resulted to shortages of organs supply. Most people nowadays are not willing to give out their organs for free as there before. Many people currently are not willing to give away their organs for free, but are instead opting to sell them.Advertising We will write a custom article sample on The sale of Human Organs specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More There are some surgeons that are advocating for the UK government to legalize the sale of human organs. Legalizing the sale of human organs in UK will reduce instances where UK residents are forced to travel abroad to buy organs for transplant from the black market. The illegal buying of these organs makes many UK patients’ who undergo these operations abroad havin g to undergo the same operations once again when they get back home as a result of the poor operations they receive (Goddard, 1992). This discussion uses the utilitarianism theory to address the issues that are related to legalization of the sale of human organs. After addressing these issues, appropriate recommendations are given on the strategy that the UK government should use when legalizing the sale of human organs. This discussion is based on the article titled ‘Legalize sale of human organs to end ‘transplant tourism’, say surgeons† by Clare Bates (Bates, 2011). The utilitarianism theory states that the right course of action is the action that brings maximum good. The theory uses the nature of outcome of an action to judge the moral worth of the action. The Act utilitarianism states that before making any choice, one should weigh the consequence of each action and settle for the one that is more likely to give the greatest pleasure. The rule of utili tarian involves first determining the potential rules of an action. It advocates that in order to determine the right rule to apply in a certain situation, one should consider the effects of its prolonged use. The rule suggests that if the rule result to more happiness than it was initially due to its prolonged use, then it is a rule that should be followed at always (Mill, 2009). The great advancement in technology and especially in the medical treatment has resulted to increased organ transplants carried annually. Nowadays the high increase in organ transplants globally is greatly affected by the low supply of the organs. This shortage had hindered many individuals from receiving the required medication which are vital to save their life or greatly improve their quality of lives. The restrictions of the sale of human organs in many countries such as UK and Canada have caused access of these organs in these nations difficult. The U.S. government has legalized the sale of human orga ns and blood. Thus, the nation has been successive in supplying their patients with adequate blood for transfusion purposes and organs for transplants (Jone, 1999).Adequate supply of these organs in U.S has enhanced the lives of many individuals and also saved lives for many. Therefore, according to the utilitarianism theory, the sale of human organs is right because it has helped many people live better lives.Advertising Looking for article on health medicine? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In addition, the sale of these organs has saved many people’s lives. This has enhanced the overall happiness in the society at large. The recovery of the patients who receive these medications makes them to assume their day –day –activities which enable them contribute positively to the economical progress of their nations. In nations where the sale of human organs is restricted, the supply of these organs is inadequ ate. This shortage result to an increased loss of many patients’ lives that required the organ transplants. This results to an amplified lack of happiness to the people affected by the loose of their loved ones and eventually overall unhappiness to the society at large (May, 1977). Therefore, the concerned governments should legalize the sale of human organs so that to increase their supply such that everyone is in a position to receive them when such instances occurs as long as he/she can afford to buy them. The sale of human organs is thus ethical as it enhances access of these organs to those patients who need organ transplants. Their recovery helps them to live happy and fulfilling lives which could not have been possible without receiving the organs necessary for the organ transplants (Bates, 2011). In addition, the sale of human organs has helped many people receive some money to supplement their strained budgets at one moment or another. Many people are nowadays living in great distress due to the current increased cost of living. The income that many people receive is hardly sufficient to take care of the many bills they have to settle. Therefore, when they are given an opportunity to exchange their organs at a fee, the money they receive helps them greatly to supplement their stressed budget. This makes them happy since they have earned an extra coin that enable them to purchase something extra which they could not have been in a position to buy otherwise. Therefore, legalizing the sale of organs should be the first thing that all governments should consider implementing, since it is associated with a lot of positive outcomes, both to the receiving and the donating persons (George, 1984). Some people argue that since these organs are very valuable as they determines the survival or death of the patients who receive them, they should not be offered for free to total strangers, but instead patients should pay for them. This perception is very eth ical since one should not give out his/her organ and be left out suffering and in mostly in instances where the donating person is not well financially. To recover the blood lost while undergoing the operation, the person is required to feed well and mostly eat plenty of fruits and vegetables which are costly to such a person. To compensate for that loss and to ensure that happiness of both parties is guaranteed, the person receiving the organ transplant should pay for the organ received such that the one donating can get money so that he/she can afford to eat the recommended diet.Advertising We will write a custom article sample on The sale of Human Organs specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Good dieting will help his/her health not to be affected negatively which can result to him/her being unhappy, a situation which is not in line with the theory of utilitarianism which considers actions as being ethical when their outcomes are a ssociated with increased happiness (Jone, 1999). The selling of human organs on the other hand can become dangerous if not well regulated. This is because legalizing the sale of human organs can result to some organizations that venture into this enterprise selling contaminated organs which will greatly affect the health of the patients who receives such organs. Many organizations are unethically managed and they can go to any extent to make money. Thus, the sale of contaminated human organs is not a surprise to such organizations. Selling of such organs can culminate to very unhappy situation since in many instances it will result to more complications to the patients who receive such organs (Shaheen, 1987). Such circumstances will result to a situation of unhappiness to the relatives of the patients who receive contaminated organs, despite them paying huge money while purchasing these organs. In such situations the theory of utilitarianism does not hold and thus, would consider se lling of human organs as an unethical conduct since the action leads to an overall unhappiness (Kwenye, 2011). Similarly, selling of human organs is perilous if not well regulated as some people can opt to kill others to get their organs and sell them to earn a living .Such situations can be very dangerous because many lives can be sacrificed in pursuit of lives of very ill patients who might not eventually survive, despite receiving the transplants needed (Rinehart, 1993). According to the act utilitarianism, the action of killing a healthy person in order to save the life of an almost dying person is not right. This is because the chances of survival of the ailing person are usually minimal as compared to the chances of living of the healthy person. Therefore, the probability of occurrence of a double tragedy in instances of the loss of the two people is very high. When this occurs, it results to a situation of aggravated moaning that deprives the happiness of individuals affected and the happiness of the society at large (Fern, 1987).Advertising Looking for article on health medicine? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The act emphasizes on individuals making good choices by first weighing the prevailing choices. In such a situation, the best choice to settle for is sparing the life of the healthy person, but not sacrificing it in a situation where the chance of the ailing person surviving is minimal. When people kill healthy and innocent people to sell their organs to ailing people for transplants purposes, then the idea of selling of human organs becomes unethical (Mill, 2009). The sale of human organs as already discussed seems to be a very controversial issue to arrive at a consensus. Despite ones school of thought, it is obvious that the sale of human organs is generally beneficial. The reason behind this is that selling human organs has greatly assisted many ailing people who could have assumed very desperate living conditions or who could have died recover and contribute positively to the well being of the society at large. Nevertheless, the sale of human organs should entail enacting appro priate policies to regulate it and also ensure that the policies implemented are well monitored to curtail the adverse consequences that can accompany legalizing of the sale of human organs which include selling of contaminated organs or killing people to sell their organs. Through this process, the sale of human organs will be regarded as being ethical since it will result to greater happiness as more lives will be saved. Thus, the UK government should consider enacting appropriate polices to legalize the sale of human organs. List of References Bates, C., 6 Jan, 2011. Legalise sale of human organs to end ‘transplant tourism’, say surgeons. Web. Fern, C., 1987.The Life and Death Questions of an Organ Market. Fortune, pp. 108-118. George A., 1984.Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Organ Sales, Hastings Center  Report, Vol.14 pp. 22-23. Goddard, H., 1992. No Easy Way to Figure Costs of Transplants, The Medical  Post, 7, P. 43. Jone, D. (1999). Ethical and Legal Issues in the Supply of Blood Products. [Online] Kwenye, Z., 2011. The Case for an Human Organ Futures Market. Web. May, E., 1977. Human Existence, Medicine and Ethics. Chicago: Franciscan Herald Press, Ch. 7. Mill, J., 2009. Utilitarianism. London: Cambridge University Press. Rinehart, D., 1993. Sold for Organs, Risk to Kids Grows, The Edmonton Journal, 14. Shaheen B., 1987. Morality and Marketing Human Organs, Journal of Business Ethics, Vol.6, pp. 37-44. This article on The sale of Human Organs was written and submitted by user Cash Rasmussen to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Aught vs. Naught

Aught vs. Naught Aught vs. Naught Aught vs. Naught By Mark Nichol Aught and naught both mean â€Å"nothing.† Ought they to be antonyms rather than synonyms? Actually, aught means â€Å"something† or â€Å"anything†; it’s from the Old English word awiht, meaning â€Å"ever a thing.† (The second syllable is cognate with whit, meaning â€Å"very small thing,† and wight, meaning â€Å"living being,† though the latter is also used sometimes in an older sense of â€Å"ghost† or â€Å"spirit.†) However, the negative sense of the term is a result of false division, the same grammatical affliction that produced adder, the name for a type of snake, when the phrase â€Å"a nadder† was, over time, redivided as â€Å"an adder.† Aught in the sense of â€Å"nothing† derives from naught (from the Old English nawiht, meaning â€Å"not a thing†). Now, people sometimes therefore use aught when they mean naught. (Naught, by the way, is the root of the adjective naughty; to be naughty is to lack something- namely, compunction or moral character.) And though aught is often used in British English to mean â€Å"all,† it can also mean â€Å"zero,† as when someone refers to something having occurred in â€Å"aught five† (2005); it’s also used in American English to refer to the gauge of a wire or (alone and in combination with double and triple) of buckshot that fills a shotgun shell. Ought and nought are variants of aught and naught. Though ought is obsolete in this sense, nought persists in being used in place of naught, as in â€Å"noughts and crosses,† the British English name for tic-tac-toe. The sense of ought used in the first sentence of this post, meanwhile, is unrelated. Originally, in Old English and Middle English, earlier versions of ought served as the past tense of owe. The word lost this sense hundreds of years ago, but we still use it with to to mean should in the sense of advisability, consequence, expectation, or obligation in such sentences as â€Å"She ought to know better.† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Misused Words category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:The Meaning of "To a T"English Grammar 101: Verb Mood25 Favorite Portmanteau Words

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12 Best Gift Ideas for College Students.

12 Best Gift Ideas for College Students 12 Best Gift Ideas for College Students We all want to make sure that everyone has a great Christmas. However, it's hard to choose what to get them. Some people we want to get them presents that we know that they'll use or have a practical purpose. Others, we think that they could use or want something on the fun side. Either way finding a present for everyone can be difficult, especially for a college student. They're young, so they'll want the same things they've always wanted, toys, video games, or whatever else they like. However this is their first time living on their own, so you may be tempted to buy them things such as glass and cookware sets. Well here are the 12 best gifts for college students. 1. Kindle Nothing will ever replace fresh ink on paper. However, the Kindle is great for travel. They can carry virtually every single book in the world right in the palm of their hands! After all, who has the energy to carry around every single book they have just for a week long trip? 2. Chrome cast Your child probably has a television, Netflix, and the internet. But they might not have cable or a way to really enjoy that flat screen. Well with the Chrome cast they can simply plug the device in, enter in their connection info and voila! Now they can host their next movie night. 3. Coffee maker with auto start College is hard and tiring; coffee is a must for students as it helps them get through the day. However, sometimes your students won't have time to brew a full pot in the morning. Getting them a programmable coffee maker will help them through their morning routine. 4. Breakfast Sandwich Maker Another way to make your child's mornings easier. After all the foundation of a good day starts with a healthy breakfast. 5. Soda Stream Soda can get expensive, and sometimes the syrup to carbonation can be too low or too high, depending on their taste preference. With a soda stream, they can simply make their soda however they like, and for the fraction of the cost. 6. Gift Cards About as practical as real money, you can use gift cards for virtually anything. Pay for a night out with their friends, or their next grocery tab. Whatever kind of gift cards you buy they will be appreciative. 7. Roadside emergency kit It all happens to us, don't lie. We have all gone through the horrible state of having a flat or breakdown at the edge of the road. Sometimes we have no phone, or no knowledge on what to do. Help your kids through that predicament before it happens with a roadside emergency kit 8. High Speed Blender Another great practical gifts, smoothies are a craze as they help people receive fiber and nutrient all in a glass. A high-speed blender is perfect for pureeing harder fruits such as apples and pears 9. Cards against humanity This popular party game is great for college students due to its crude humor. Your child will have lots of fun making friends through this card game. 10. Plane Tickets They will get homesick and that's just something that can't be avoided. Try buying them a trip home for a week and let them just be thankful for the opportunity to return. 11. Noise Canceling Headphones Dorm rooms are distracting, television is distracting, everything that makes noise is distracting. Keep your kid focused and on task with a pair of noise canceling headphones 12. Go Pro Camera Is the college student in your life athletic, or film savvy? Do they like the idea of filming everywhere they go? Get them a GoPro! Hopefully this helps. Or at least you will be able to get some ideas for better options.

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Applied research methods Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Applied methods - Research Proposal Example Perhaps most importantly in this era of transition, leaders themselves must understand that their real legacy will not be the past performance of their financial services organisation, but its sustainable success. Helping leaders learn how to get results by being boundary-less thinkers, network builders, diplomats, and interpreters is a first step in meeting this challenge. Holding them accountable for getting results today and developing next-generation leaders for tomorrow is the quantum leap. The intention of this research proposal is to analyse and evaluate the managerial effectiveness of 'the management', and the perception of leadership and culture within Pembroke Consulting (PC) and the impact on employees and the organisation. Furthermore, it will be argued that the human relations management concept that entails the participation and involvement of all hierarchical levels has not been operative within PC. By examining the Company Background, it will be seen that both management and rank-and-file staff have difficulty coping with and adjusting to the series of transitions that have taken place in their organisation that contributed to its "stalemate" status. It is also shown how financial growth does not correspondingly translate into real development for an organisation or for the growth of the most important resource of any business group, - people. Various research methods will be used to determine perceptions, effectiveness and culture, and a 'way forward' will be proposed in the subsequent dissertation. Since downsizing and restructuring are often just euphemisms for wholesale layoffs, this is a prospect that most Asian financial services organisations and workers have a culturally determined difficulty taking seriously. Sometimes it seems as if some Japanese and Korean financial services organisations would rather close their doors altogether than carry out significant personnel cuts. That's how strong the sense of group identity is in the East. Company Background Pembroke Consulting is a financial services company providing access to financial markets, principally, futures and options, through electronic and other means. It is financial advisors, accountants and general insurance specialists and based in Weybridge, Surrey, UK. Since its inception, the company has undergone tremendous growth both organically and through acquisition, however, it was not, until recently, that the company became an active market-player. Three major company mergers brought about this evolution over the last eight years. Because of which, various aspects of the company including its work volume, staffing and market position all increased exponentially. The mergers contributed predominantly to a great success in terms of the bottom-line but operationally speaking, the outcome has been a disappointing failure. The organisation failed initially to integrate the significant changes brought about by the first two mergers until the last tree years. This was the latest i n a chain of events in the history of Pembroke Consulting