Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Object-Oriented Technologies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Object-Oriented Technologies - Essay Example A vivid example of these technologies is human-machine interface simulator. The human-machine interface simulator has a kind of on-line object-oriented database model that describes the hierarchical structure of man-machine interface equipment. The dynamic changes of various sensors and actuators in the man-machine interface system can be simulated by rewriting the corresponding attributes of the instrumentation and controls equipment in the object-oriented database in accordance with the dynamic changes of both the plant simulator and the human model simulator. The on-line object-oriented database of the man-machine interface can be constructed easily by using a special graphic editor with icons. The object-oriented technologies are based on analysis of the data. In this case, †the information or object model contains the definition of objects in the system, which includes: the object name, the object attributes, and object relationships to other objects† (Object-Oriente d Analysis 2007). Some other devices move or deform to simulate the shapes of virtual objects. Users can physically contact the surface of the virtual object. The new interface devices are also based on object-oriented technologies. Deformation of the screen converts the two-dimensional image from the projector into a solid image. The main factors of object-oriented programming include â€Å"correctness, robustness, extendibility and reusability† (Meyer 557). In sum, a goal of object-oriented technologies is to guide technological design to optimize interactions between human operators and the systems they use

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