Friday, October 18, 2019

Poetry explication paper ( literture ) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Poetry explication paper ( literture ) - Essay Example Both the mother and the baby are anonymous throughout the poem. Going along with the rest of the poem, the father of the baby is also seldom mentioned, only in passing as the mother points out that he has no part in either of their lives. The mother spends much of the poem dwelling on the fact that her child is a bastard child, as is evident in the line â€Å"I hold you and name you bastard in my arms.† It is also made clear throughout the poem that the responding doctors and nurses do not approve of the fact that no father is being named for the child. Judging by the fact that the mother gets to spend only certain amounts of time with the infant, it can be assumed that there is an underlying medical factor with the mother, whether it be physical or mental. It seems that the mother only gets the child when the child needs feeding, a task the only the mother can perform. After the feeding is over with, the child is taken from its mother and is brought to another room until it n eeds feeding again. There are numerous dramatic situations taking place throughout the poem. The absence of a father for the infant seems to be the situation that the rest of the situations are formed and gathered around. As the tone of the poem is that of anger and sadness, it is clear that the father just decided that he wanted no part in raising a child, therefore abandoning both mother and child. It may be due to this abandonment that the mother does not seem too attached to her newborn child, which may also be the reason that the mother does not get to spend all of her time with the baby. Abandonment is the main theme in this poem, and it seems to be coming from every direction. The father abandoned the mother and his baby, the mother is losing touch with the baby, and the nurses and doctors are not getting too close to the mother in her time of need and confusion. It can even be said that the mother was

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