Monday, August 26, 2019

Answer questions Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Answer questions - Research Paper Example This has happened with Orkut before, though Facebook is too big to be waived any time soon. Ans. Convergence means the continuity of content across a range of media platforms; the exchange, cooperation, and interaction among multiple industries of media, and the media audiences’ migratory behavior in terms of their tendency to move anywhere to attain the entertainment experiences desired by them. As a consumer, I have experienced convergence as the flow of media content across borders, the competing media economies, and media systems. Global coverage of CNN and localization of Sesame Street are some of its examples. Ans. Digital media will grow both in features and consumption in the future. Expansion of digital media will provide the users with increased connectivity and more social interaction. New models of mobile phones and Ipads with new apps and software will play a cardinal role in the growth and expansion of digital media. Improvement in the life and usage of digital media is also anticipated e.g. increased battery life of digital gadgets, as the competition among the producers of such gadgets increases. Ans. This view of the future motivates me to gain a firm understanding of and expertise in the use of the various types of digital media, irrespective of whatever profession I eventually decide to pursue. The use of and dependency upon digital media of all professions is anticipated to increase in the future, be it engineering, medical sciences, or any other kind of business. In the times when newer versions of software, apps, and digital media surface very frequently, one needs to be constantly updated and modify one’s skills accordingly. Ans. If my view of the future is accurate, I would not only need strong computer skills, but also strong interpersonal skills. One thing advancement of technology and revolution of digital media particularly focuses upon is increased social networking.

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