Thursday, August 8, 2019

IMAX Mangement Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

IMAX Mangement Case Study - Essay Example As per the case the strategic resource of IMAX is its technology. The technology which it use and develop helps the company to attain its strategic position. The technology of IMAX satisfies the VIRUS criteria in the following ways:- The technology of IMAX is valuable in many ways. Firstly it gives the organisation an edge over its competitors. IMAX was the first company who initiated the larger format films. It also made light weight 3D camera. The technology of IMAX also helped the company to achieve the scientific and technical achievement Oscar Award in 1997. The technology of IMAX cannot be imitated easily. The technology which was used by IMAX was developed by its research and development section. The organisation incurred huge costs in order to generate the advanced and superior technology. More over the development of the technology was a time taking process and the organisation has to do research for years to develop the technology. Anything which requires huge cost and time to generate cannot be copied by any other organisation very easily. The strategic resource should be rare in the industry in other words it should not be easily accessible to the other organisation. The technology of IMAX was not assessable to the other organisation. Strategic resource should be such which cannot be substituted by any other alternative resource in order to imitate any strategic decision. The technology used by IMAX for 3D images was very unique which was developed by the research and development wing. This type of technology is very difficult to be substituted. In this case, as per IMAX its main advantage is having a good brand image, a brand of for making larger format film. As IMAX latter has to face a rival Iwreks in larger format film category therefore its claim of being a brand of larger format film is not a strategic resource. Critical Analysis IMAX is a huge company which is involved in film production, photographic equipments, film distribution and theatre operations. This company was the first one to be to operate in large format film in the world. The main strength of IMAX is the technical aspect which gives it a unique identity and differentiates in the film and photographic industry. IMAX has implemented various strategies to expand and grow. The options which IMAX considered for its growth and expansion strategy were all strategic options which mean it satisfied the RACE criteria that is the recourses for the option were available, it were acceptable, coherent with other existing plans and efficient to achieve the objective. For expansion and growth the company chose to locate itself in multiples theatres, converting the Hollywood movies in its format and installing its projectors and other theatre equipments in different multiplexes. These options were all strategic because:- The resource which were needed for these options that is the hi-tech theatre equipments were already available to the company. They did not have to arrang e it separately. These options were aimed at increasing the customer base and the revenue therefore it was also acceptable to the stake holders. IMAX was already working in making movies in larger formats. Hence converting Hollywood movies in their format and shifting their location did not hamper their existing work. The objective of the

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